Short Circuit

5’4” x 20” x 2.38” ~ 29L

PU / Poly construction

featuring light blue deck reverse cutlap


The Short Circuit is our take on the classic or traditional style twin fin but with a twist. The beaked nose, wide point pulled forward, and foam under the chest play the part of the classic twin while the double bump in the outline behind the fins is what makes the Short Circuit unique. The double bump was designed to create a break in the outline’s curve which not only allows for the board to pivot and release with ease but also permits the swallow tail to be slightly narrower than a classic twin fin. Ride the Short Circuit 5-6” than you are tall in anything from knee to head high surf.

Stock Dims

4'10" x 18.8" x 2.2" - 23.33L

5'0" x 19.1" x 2.3" - 25.28L

5'2" x 19.4" x 2.35" - 27.53L

5'4" x 19.7" x 2.4" - 29.20L

5'6" x 20.0" x 2.5" - 31.19L

5'8" x 20.3" x 2.6" - 34.33L

5'10" x 20.6" x 2.65" - 37.33L