Gypsy Tear

Gypsy TearThe Gypsy Tear is a curvy outlined quad (can be ordered thruster) that lives in the tube. Because of its compressed height but accelerated nose and tail rocker, some have said it feels like a mini step-up. The beveled rails, flatter deck, and quad setup allow for you to paddle fast, get into waves early, and hold your line in the tube. Ride the Gypsy Tear 2-3” shorter than you are tall.
*All boards are made to order unless stock is shown. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for Poly (Pu/pe) and 10 to 12 weeks for Epoly/EPS, possibly a little longer depending on construction and add ons such as color. If you need to have a board rushed, please select our RUSH option at checkout.

Stock Dims

5'5." x 18.5" x 2.3" - 26.19L

5'7" x 18.8" x 2.4" - 28.23L

5'9" x 19.1" x 2.5" - 30.38L

5'11" x 19.3" x 2.5" - 32.63L

6'1" x 19.6" x 2.6" - 34.98L

6'3" x 19.9" x 2.7" - 37.44L

gypsy tear stock

Gypsy Tear

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5'7" Gypsy Tear

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