agora glassworks

At Agora, customer satisfaction is key. Whether it be the symmetry of the surfboards from the CNC machine, the specific color and finishing work in the glassing bay, the rail tuck and hard edge established in the sanding bay or the custom airbrushes applied to the foam. Taking a blank to finished product under one roof allows us to guarantee the quality of our custom surfboards. 

about us

Agora Glassworks was established to fill a void in the market for private labeled surfboards. We offer a number of services including CNC cutting, airbrushing, glassing, glossing/polishing and final inspection. We manufacture surfboards for anyone, from established surfboard brands to backyard shapers. We have a variety of blanks in stock ready for poly or epoxy finishes. If you're interested in getting a board built for your own label, reach out and we will be sure to get you dialed.