posteur backstory

Back in 2016, Julian was living with his two buddies after college in Newport Beach, California. When he wasn’t surfing, he was working on ding repairs in the garage to get his boards ready for the next run of waves. He was always on Craigslist and one day he came across two free partially shaped blanks up near LA. Growing up using his hands building halfpipes, tinkering with go-kart engines, and always wanting to take the next leap into board building, he figured “why not”, and made the drive to pick up the blanks. Within a week, he set up a “shaping bay” (or lack thereof) in the 75sqt garage of his Newport Beach house with blue tarps and hanging construction lights. For the next few years and after moving back to the East Coast, he was hand shaping, airbrushing, glassing, and sanding out of his garage learning everything through trial and error. Fast forward to present day, Julian has had the bug for not only the art of shaping boards but also the interest in refining shapes, optimizing glassing materials, utilizing cnc machines, and whatever else it takes to grow the Pösteur brand.

Posteur Name

After a few years of gaining traction with handshaping boards, it was time to name the brand. If anyone has ever tried thinking of a brand name, they know how difficult it is because it seems like every word in the English dictionary has been takent. After some thought, Julian wanted his brand to reflect something on a personal level. Julian’s father was born in Holland and grew up in South Africa. Julian’s middle name, Post, and last name, van der Steur, are both of Dutch and South African decent and he decided to combine both middle and last name, hence “pösteur.” Because of the origin, it is common to see an umlaut over vowels which is where the 'ö' comes from in the word pösteur which eventually became the logo for the brand.