Faviola Alcala: A Surfer Who Embraces Unconventional Choices

Faviola Alcala, a female surfer from San Juan, Puerto Rico, recently competed in the Domes Women's Classic surf competition held in Rincon, Puerto Rico on March 25. While the event had intense competition with many talented surfers, Faviola's unique choice of surfboard made her stand out. She opted for a Miracle Whip 2+1 surfboard while all other competitors used traditional thrusters with three fins.

Despite the potential disadvantages of riding a different type of board than the norm, Faviola displayed her exceptional skill and talent and advanced through multiple heats, securing third place in the event, which is a clear testament to her adaptability and her confidence to embrace unconventional choices.

 Faviola's choice of surfboard highlights her willingness to try new things and push boundaries in the sport. It is a refreshing reminder that there is not one "right" way to surf. Her success in the Domes Women's Classic is an example that taking risks and embracing challenges can lead to unexpected rewards.

However, Faviola's story goes beyond just her surfboard. As a female surfer from Puerto Rico, she challenges stereotypes and serves as an inspiration for other women to pursue their passions. Her success in the competition is proof that representation is vital, and watching yourself succeed can be a powerful motivator.

Faviola's performance at Domes is a reminder that breaking barriers and going against the norm can lead to success. Her story encourages us to embrace new challenges and be confident in our choices, even if they are unconventional. Posteur is stoked to have this great human on boards to help with the exploration of twin fins and alternative shapes.

P.S. Favi is an awesome artist as well. She has her own brand, @scrippyyy, which features an unconventional yet unique style, just like her surfing. Check it out and show her some support!


Written by Laine Dupont

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